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It's the Relationship That Heals
When I was a fledgling psychotherapist going for my advanced degree, I read about different techniques and approaches to help clients recover from the stressors and traumas they experienced over the course of their lifetime. There was always one theory that jumped off the page as I studied. It was simply, "it's the relationship that heals." ... [ Read More ]

Teaching Children to Be Responsible
For years, parenting experts have advised us to use reward and punishment to discipline our children. That seemed to make sense. It was logical. If we want our children to exhibit a certain behavior, reward them. Give them a treat. Give them a clear incentive to follow direction, get good grades, respect their elders, etc... 
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Would You Wish Your Life on Your Children?
I use this question as a guiding principle for my life. I am writing this article on a plane in February headed on vacation with my husband. No kids. Do I want my kids to go on vacation someday with their life partners and leave their kids with a trusted sitter? Yes! When I go out with my girlfriends, I ask myself, "Do I want my kids to have nights away from the family with their girlfriends?" Yes!  ... 
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5 Quick Parenting Tips to Save Your Sanity
Every day we face new parenting challenges. Our children test and push boundaries, and as parents, we have to maintain our cool in the face of frustration. Ultimately, the parenting decisions we make in these anxious situations are not nearly as important as the process of staying calm, responding thoughtfully and choosing the response consciously ... [ Read More ]

Parenting Coach Hides in Bedroom, Feigns Sleep to Avoid Conflict with Teen
It all started when I received a text in the middle of the school day. It said "Mom, guess what!?" My 15-year-old daughter was excited because she had an opportunity to do something she REALLY wanted to do and thought it wouldn't be any issue for my husband and me. But it was. The answer was "No," and that's how it began... [ Read More ]

Teachers: Please Stop Encouraging My Kids to 'Go for the A!'
With the exception of parenting, there isn't a harder or more underpaid job than teaching. I have enormous respect for the profession and I have always said that teachers are cut from a different cloth than the rest of us. I have almost never met a teacher I didn't respect tremendously. Teachers seriously rock and my two daughters have had some of the best... [ Read More ]


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