"I really enjoyed the parenting workshop, and I am finding that the more I educate myself about parenting, the more I realize that the skills needed to raise your children are not necessarily innate. There really are methods to use in parenting that recognize the dignity of each child, while at the same time requiring them to be accountable for their actions. Thanks, Robin, for sharing your solutions."   

                - Lynn

Robin's workshops are wonderful. I walked away feeling two things. First, I truly wish I asked my husband to go because her telling it to me and then me trying to tell it to my husband is not the same. Second thing I felt was a respect for my children. I will never treat my children the same again, they are god's precious gifts to us and I thank god for sending Robin into my life to remind me of that. Thank you, Robin, for all your hard work.

                - Maryann

Your presentation was so wonderful!  You should put it on PBS!

                - Jean

My husband and I didn’t know how to parent in a way that would help our children become the best adults we knew they could grow to be. We went to Robin because we didn’t have the tools we needed to deal effectively with our children’s behavior. She gave us strategies and tools to deal with the acute situations and produce better long-term outcomes, but it is still up to us. Is our life perfect? Are we always consistent?  No, but we can stop, regroup and go back to the agreed upon approach we were taught when things get hairy. Robin can help anyone be a better parent.  Isn’t that a goal worth working for? 

                - Melissa

I have benefitted from our one-on-one conversations, but after last night's presentation, I need to tell you - YOU ROCK!  I think we can all benefit from sound parenting advice especially from some one who is very well trained and has such a wealth of experience to draw from.   Thank you.

                - Amy

Robin gave us the tools and training to prepare us for our most  important job, and we are more effective, better parents for it. The unexpected benefit is the effect that it has had on our own relationship. We feel like more of a united parenting team rather than a divided and conquered household. The children have responded well to the new approach. Thank you Robin!

                - Andy

I want to thank you so much for the awesome presentation.  Not only did you give us a plethora of great information, support and ideas, your manner of presenting the information was enjoyable and effective.  I shared with my husband and was so excited and rejuvenated!  Thank you.  Today has been wonderful so far with the kids and I know there will be testing and attempts at power struggles but I truly am going to work on not getting sucked into it.  Thanks again!  

                - Vicki

After attending Robin's parenting seminar I was excited to go home and try out what I had learned.  The following morning I gave my 3 year old two choices for breakfast and I amazingly had no resistance from him on what his choices were.  I had a smile from ear to ear.  It's been a week now and I have followed through with giving him choices and I no longer have control issues with him.  I'm spreading the word to all of my friends and it's worked for them too.  This seminar should be a prerequisite for having children (like child birthing classes). Thanks Robin!!!!! 

                - Kim

Hi Robin, I attended your seminar last month (it was a mother's day gift from my mother-in-law) and just wanted to let you know that it was a great experience- It recharged my battery and reminded me what my original values and intentions were when I first began this journey five years ago. When I told my five-year-old son that I went to a class that would teach mommy not to yell and get mad so much he was very happy. However, when I had to take a firm tone with him a couple of days later for something he did that was not appropriate, he looked at me and said I should go back to the class because I was being mean. Pretty darn cute. Well I found out recently that I'm expecting my third child in January, so with three kids, and one entering the public school system, I'm going to hold onto your number just in case. Thanks again.

                - Christina

Every parent deserves the opportunity to experience Parent Power!  Robin’s presentation was absolutely wonderful, packed with outstanding, effective strategies and tools that any parent can implement immediately, with instant results.  Robin brings personal experience, professional expertise, humor and awareness to assist parents with the on-going challenges we face.  I was amazed at how much was covered in such a short amount of time. Robin has a concise way of presenting the challenges AND providing the solutions or strategies to build positives relationships.  Parenting can sometimes be so overwhelming!  When I left Robin’s class I felt so much better about myself and my ability to parent more consciously!   Robin reminded me that being a parent is an awesome gift! 

                - Debbie Burns
                  Peace Center, Director


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