Parenting coaches are a new breed of professional advisors who can offer parents practical solutions--even if they never meet face-to-face.

Parents of every age, income level, and personal background seek coaching help. Parents seek coaching wanting to learn what options exist to handle their parenting struggles. They want the options laid out so they can choose which one may work for their family.

Parenting coaches come from a variety of backgrounds. Many have backgrounds in teaching, educational consulting, social work and family therapy. The goal of a parenting coach is to understand the concerns of the parent, find solutions, and help implement them. A coach helps parents close the gap between where they are as a parent and where they want to be.

Once a parent finds a coach and makes initial contact, the two set up a schedule to meet (or if the parent is out of the area, they schedule a phone conference). Parent Assist works on a monthly contract. For a flat monthly fee, parents meet 3 times (50-minute sessions each) to discuss the issues and possible solutions to their parenting concerns. Email and phone support options are available as add-on services. Parents have the option to renew or cancel their contract each month.

Often parenting coaches help parents with minor issues that are also enormously frustrating. Some examples may include a child that is suddenly refusing to eat anything but pasta, or the sudden onset of tantrums. Sometimes parents are trying to handle more complicated issues such as trying to get their children to sleep in their own rooms or how to find a positive discipline strategy that works. Typically, solutions are simple and require the perspective only a professional outsider can bring to the family.

A child’s behavior—without ever meeting the coach—does change. The coach empowers the parents, teaching the parents to command respect through loving interactions and to discipline using clear choices and consequences while maintaining a neutral posture. Together, we can teach children internal control so discipline intervention will be minimal.

If you have any further questions about how parenting coaching works, please contact us.


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